Monday, January 28, 2008

Puzzle pieces concerning Chauncey's wives

Chauncey Walker West was married to two different sets of sisters:

1st Set:
Mary Ann Covington (born 1815) and Sarah Elizabeth Covington (born 1835) were sisters.

2nd Set:
Mary Ann Covington (born 1841) and Susan Hannah Covington (born 1850) were sisters.

The two Mary Ann's were also related to each other, being aunt and niece. Their relationship comes through Josiah Covington, brother of Mary Ann (1815) and Sarah Elizabeth (1835). Josiah married Susan Freeman and had six children. Two of his daughters married Chauncey Walker West.

Chauncey's Story

Much has already been written about Chauncey's life, his wives, children, and ancestry. This blog is dedicated to the keeping the memory of his life alive for all his descendants.

I am not a direct descendant of Chauncey, but I definitely have an ancestral connection. My claim to this great man comes through his fifth wife, Adaline Amanda Wright. After Chauncey's death, Adaline married Isaac Augustus Canfield. Adaline and Isaac had two children, a boy and a girl. Their son died in infancy and their daughter, Ella May Canfield, grew to adulthood, married William Rushmer Curtis, and had twelve children, one of which was my grandmother Ada Curtis.

When searching the ancestry of Chauncey Walker West and Isaac Augustus Canfield, the story comes full circle. By comparing their ancestry, we discover that they were first cousins. When I made this discovery, I understood why my grandmother Ada loved the stories about her "West" ancestors because they were her grandmother Adaline's ancestors through both of her husbands, Chauncey and Isaac. In addition, grandma Ada was named after one of her "West" cousins.

A lot of conflicting information exists about Chauncey's wives. Some have recorded that he had nine, and others have ten. After a considerable amount of research, including diaries and autobiographies located at the Church Archives of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I have been able to completely resolve this confusion. The details that unravel this mystery will be included on this blog.