Friday, November 28, 2008

The north side of the West monument

During the summer of 2003 I spent some time at the Ogden City Cemetery taking pictures of monuments and headstones for ancestors on both my lines and my husband's. This monument is for Chauncey Walker West, my 2nd great-grandmother's first husband.

The monument was destroyed several years ago by vandals one night. Evidently the damage was done by kids who drove their car into the monument, breaking it into pieces. An attempt was made to put the pieces back together, but the evidence of the damage is clearly visible. This view of the monument was taken from the north, looking south in the late afternoon. The writing on the stone book is worn, but the following was barely readable, the left side of the open book reads:

"Even __ from __ __ forth blessed __ are the dead who die in the Lord" D & C page 13

The right side reads: "Thou who asleep in Jesus __ God bring with __" I Thes

The section under the stone book and before the bottom section reads: "Erected by Joseph A. West as a tribute of affection to the memory of departed family this June 1879"

The bottom section of the north side of the West monument is etched with the details for Chauncey's death, and two of his wives. The inscription reads:

Chauncey W. West
Died 6th Jan 1870
Aged 42 Yrs 11 Ms 3 Ds

Mary Hoagland
Died 7 Aug 1870
Aged 41 Yrs, 6 Ms, 16 Ds

Jenette Gibson
Died 4 Aug 1865
Aged 25 Yrs 3 Ms 23 Ds

Joseph Alva West was the owner of the two adjoining lots where several West family members were buried. Joseph paid $200.00 for perpetual care for both plots (Lot 21, Block 5, Plat A and Lot 20, Block 5, Plat A).  The plat sheet states that there were no surface indications to show where each person was actually buried, but that the "monument called for 24 interments on this and adjoint lot 20-5-A. Our records show two adults and five children." The plat sheet also stated that additional information was taken from an old record book dated 1859-1887 and on page 276 there was an indication that Louisa West, age 1, and Adeline West were also buried in the area where the monument was later erected. (See FHL film 1672571 for the plat sheet cemetery record.)

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