Saturday, November 29, 2008

Top of monument, facing west

The two names on the top of the monument facing north are for two of Chauncey's children. Transcription and details include:
  • Margaret West, died 1848, aged 1 year. She was born 23 September 1847. Her mother was Mary Hoagland. The cemetery plat sheet listed her birth place as Green River, Wyoming and  died at Salt Lake, Utah in 1849. Note that the year of death is different on the monument than it was on the plat sheet.
  • Chauncey W. West, died 1895, aged 46 years. This was the first son born to Chauncey Walker West, so in many records he is listed a "Jr." His mother was Mary Hoagland. He married Sylvia Snow, daughter of President Lorenzo Snow and Sarah Ann Prichard. Chauncey and Sylvia had four children, three girls and one boy who was also named Chauncey Walker.
  • A third child, named Josephine, daughter of Mary Hoagland and Chauncey Walker West was listed on the bottom section of the north side of the monument.
  • Mary and Chauncey's children who lived to adulthood were Joseph Alva West and John Abraham West.

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