Monday, December 1, 2008

Place of burial for each wife

Where was each wife buried? A simple question. A question not easily answered, but here goes. Thanks to others who have researched this West family, we are almost done with finding the answer to the question about place of burial. Only TWO burial places remain unknown. With eight out of ten wives being buried in the Ogden City Cemetery, I thought it would be nice to add a link to the online search option for the cemetery. When you find the one you want, the map that's provided will show you exactly where the person was buried. Print out the map so you can see the place of burial when you join us at the West family reunion next May 2009 !

Mary Hoagland
  • Ogden City Cemetery, Plat A, Block 5, Lot 21
Mary Ann Covington Stratton
  • Ogden City Cemetery, Plat A, Block 7, Lot 12-5W
Sarah Elizabeth Covington
  • Ogden City Cemetery, Plat D, Block 7, Lot 12-4W
Martha Joiner
Jeanette Nicol Gibson
  • Ogden City Cemetery, Plat A, Block 5, Lot 21
Adaline Amanda Wright
Angeline Almeda Shurtliff
Mary Ann Covington (buried as Mary Ann Ross)
  • Ogden City Cemetery, Plat E, Block 1, Lot 3-2E
Susan Hannah Covington
  • unknown
Louise Mariah Musgrave
  • unknown


ann4578 said...

I would like to add pictures of the headstones for each wife to this blog post. I don't have all of them, but will upload the ones I do have. Let me know if you have one to share and I will upload it for you. Thanks, Fran

billnchris said...

The post shows Sarah Covington & Susan Covington in the same burial plot in Ogden City Cemetery. Are both buried there?

Fran said...

Burial for Mary Ann Covington West who married Aaron Yerkes Ross after the death of Chauncey in 1875:

Burial Information: ROSS, MARY ANN
Birth: 6/2/1845
Death: 3/20/1920
Burial: 3/24/1920
Place of Birth: ENGLAND
Place of Death: OGDEN, UTAH
Cause of Death:
Grave Location: Ogden City Cemetery , E-1-3-2E
Relatives: FOLLMAN, SUSAN (Mother)

billnchris said...

Susan Hannah Covington remarried in 1871 to Silas Anthony Minter. She died giving birth to their son, Silas Oliver Minter 14 Sept 1872 in Ogden. Her baby also died and is buried next to her in B-6-20-2W. Her mother is buried in B-6-20-5W

Burial Information:

Birth: 0/0/0
Death: 9/14/1872
Burial: 0/0/0
Place of Birth:
Place of Death: OGDEN, UT
Grave Location: Ogden City Cemetery , B-6-20-3W