Monday, August 8, 2016

Louise Marian Hopkins Brown West Moyes (1847 - 1931)

     There has been a long standing mystery concerning Chauncey's last wife, Louise Marian Hopkins. In Joseph A. West's family genealogy book, (see page 30 of the book) he gives this woman's name as Louisa Musgrave with no other information except that they had one child, Franklin Bishop, who died as an infant in 1870.  The use of the surname, Musgrave, has caused confusion and research problems concerning this woman.  But the International Genealogical Index, which probably contains the original marriage record for this couple, gives her name as Louise Mariah (or Marian) Hopkins, the daughter of Louisa Marion Butler & William Hopkins.
     There is evidence that the use of the surname Musgrave by Joseph West is not completely accurate.  Both Louise, who eventually became Chauncey's wife, and her mother Marian Hopkins (who both bore the same legal name Louise or Louisa Marian Hopkins when they settled in Utah) are mentioned in the History of Plain City, Utah (posted online at Plain City History) which sheds some light on this puzzle.  It appears that Louise's mother Marion married Thomas Henry Musgrave, a resident of Plain City, in 1867.
     According to the History of Plain City, Louise was born in London on the 22 October 1847, the daughter of Captain William Hopkins of the British Army.  She was educated in London and France, studying elocution and voice. Louise's father was deceased at the time she and her mother joined the church and decided to move to Utah in about 1859 or shortly after that in the early 1860's.  She also taught school in Plain City.  She had a beautiful singing voice that she shared with the community, often singing duets with Edwin Dix, and was a member of the fist dramatic association in the city.  She is described as being "very talented and refined" and a "beautiful little doll" who wore her dark hair in ringlets.  After the death of her second husband, Chauncey, she married Alfred Moyes and moved to Idaho.
     Although her birth date is difficult to pinpoint being anywhere from 1847 to 1855 on different records, her death date is not.  She died on the 14 October 1931 in Bannock County, Idaho.